Klaria announces founding of the new company Cannabis Delivery Sciences to fully realize the commercial opportunities of cannabis in its Alginate Film Technology

Today, Klaria announces the formation of Cannabis Delivery Sciences (CDS). The new company is a separate entity operating within the Klaria group and focuses exclusively on the commercialization of cannabis products formulated with Klaria’s Alginate Film Technology. The mission of Cannabis Delivery Sciences is to create an entirely new, patent protected category of cannabis products. This new category of will combine the best qualities of the two currently available formulations of cannabis, edibles and smoking, without any of the drawbacks of either formulation.  Klaria and Scott de Mercado are co-founders and own 95% and 5% of the company respectively.      

Cannabis Delivery Sciences is a subsidiary of Klaria Pharma Holding AB (publ), and has secured an exclusive and perpetual world-wide license to Klaria’s Alginate Film Technology for both medicinal and recreational use of all cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. The company is led by an international management team with experience from the United States, Canada, Jamaica, and the UK in entrepreneurial companies focused on the marketing of luxury goods and high-end spirits as well as on pharmaceutical development.  

Cannabis edibles are products such as oils, drinks, cookies and gummies. This category is the fastest growing segment of the cannabis market. The value of the cannabis edibles market is projected to increase by 400 % in the U.S. and Canada to $4.1 Billion in the coming three years. This is because smoking, which is the only other option for cannabis users, is becoming less and less accepted due to associated health, legal and social issues. However, edibles suffer from very important flaws which are derived from the fact that cannabis is poorly taken up into the body via the stomach. The most important consequence of this poor absorption is that the time to effect with edibles is very long, typically over 1 hour. In comparison, the time to effect with smoking is between 10 to 20 minutes.  This is true for both traditional smoking and vaping. This long delay in time to effect with edibles limits the effectiveness and introduces significant risks for the user. The Alginate Film Technology has been proven in pre-clinical studies to overcome these issues, with a time to effect of approximately 20 minutes. Thus, the film combines the best qualities of edibles and smoking/vaping without the drawbacks of either administration method. As a result, Cannabis Delivery Sciences expects that its products will claim a significant share of the cannabis market world-wide.

Scott de Mercado, Cannabis Delivery Sciences’ co-founder and Head of Business Development said: “The future of cannabis is in edibles since smoking is becoming less and less accepted from a health, legal and social perspective. However, edibles do not work well in delivering cannabis to the body whereas our Film Technology works as quickly as smoking without any of the health, legal or social liabilities. We foresee a significant commercial opportunity for our products on a global basis.  Moreover, we are bringing pharmaceutical precision to the sector ultimately leading to better regulation and treatment outcomes. We will be clearly and transparently labeling products with active ingredients and dosage. I look forward to working with the rest of the team to realize this exciting commercial opportunity.”

The rights for medicinal and recreational use of cannabis under the cannabinoid formulation patent filings that were announced by Klaria on March 7th of this year are now also controlled by Cannabis Delivery Sciences. The management team of CDS has also taken over ongoing business development discussions with cannabis companies regarding potential partnering and licensing agreements for commercialization of the technology.  

Scott de Mercado concluded “The Alginate Film Technology has the potential to create a new and patent protected category of cannabis products with significant commercial potential and tighter regulatory controls.  This should be of interest across the cannabis industry and we look forward to working with potential partners to make sure that we can bring these products to market as quickly as possible.”  

For more information about the company please visit www.cannabisdeliverysciences.com

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