About us

Klaria's business concept is based on developing innovative, fast-acting medicinal products with clear competitive benefits in therapeutic fields with substansial medicinal and economic potential. 

Presently, the Company’s project portfolio covers migraine and cancer-related pain, opioid overdose, cannabinoids and anaphylactic shock. The combination of the Company's patented drug delivery platform (which facilitates rapid and reliable transmucosal absorption via a mucoadhesive film) with clinically proven and marketed substances, lays the foundation for a unique concept offering considerable benefits.

Klaria's operations are based on a patented drug delivery platform in the form of an alginate-based polymer film. The film is similar to a small postage stamp, which is discreetly attached to the oral mucous membrane and, through this, distributes the medication directly into the bloodstream. This method provides several patient benefits, in particular shorter time to effect, increased control and simple handling.

For Klaria, this combination provides a shorter time to market, lower development costs and reduced risk compared to traditional pharmaceutical development. As the molecules and their effects are well known, all that is required is a basic bioequivalence study in order to show how much substance is delivered within a certain time interval.

The film's technical characteristics also facilitate large-scale, cost-effective production. 

Patient benefits Strengths for Klaria
Fast and stable effect Shorter time to market
Increased control Lower development costs
Simple handling Reduced risk