Comments from the CEO

Klaria's aim is to offer patients who experience attacks of acute pain medications with both a faster and more reliable effect than existing preparations. 

In addition to the actual pain relief, we also want to help give back the feeling of control. For patients who are affected by recurring attacks of severe and acute pain, the feeling of control is often just as important as the actual pain relief. The knowledge that they have access to a medication that alleviates their pain quickly and effectively contributes to an increased feeling of security and, in the long run, also a significantly improved quality of life.

My own experience of more than 20 years in large research and development organisations in the pharmaceutical industry has taught me to focus on therapies and techniques that have the potential to change the patient's situation for the better. It is clearly advantageous if you succeed in creating a medicine that also entails positive effects for relatives (in the form of reduced anxiety), health professionals (in the form of more tools) and society in general (in the form of improved benefit in relation to cost). It is from this perspective that we are now building and developing Klaria.

Faster effect, increased control and simple handling

By combining our unique drug delivery platform with clinically proven and marketed substances, we will be able to offer a medi­cation that makes it possible for patients to avoid using nasal sprays, taking tablets or injecting themselves. The drug delivery platform comprises an alginate-based film, which is similar to a small stamp. The film is attached to the oral mucous membrane, and the medication is then distributed through this directly into the bloodstream. This method entails several patient benefits, in particular shorter time to effect, increased control and simpler handling.

Shorter time to market

This combination also entails considerable benefits for us as a company. As we are using clinically proven and marketed substances, there is no need for the same extensive development that normally characterises the production of new medications. This results in a shorter time to market, lower development costs and significantly reduced risk when it comes to clinical studies.

Enormous market

If we look at the market segments we are currently focusing on – migraine and cancer-related breakthrough pain – we can state that the market is enormous and the need for more effective ­medications is very large. In total, the two segments currently have an annual turnover of around USD 7 billion – and both of the segments are under-treated. With access to more effective medications, demand would probably increase further.

New preconditions for treating severe, acute pain

In addition to the patented drug delivery platform, one of our main assets is our own organisation. In a short time, we have established a skilled and efficient organisation that has the ability to make quick decisions. In addition to our own organisation, we have also established a Scientific Advisory Board, through which we have access to leading expertise within areas that are important to us. This Board combines solid experience with exactly the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that is required in order to develop truly novel and valuable products.

"For patients who are affected by recurring attacks of severe and acute pain, the feeling of control is often just as important as the actual pain relief." 

The listing of the Company's shares on Nasdaq Stockholm First North is an important step in this journey. We hope and believe that it will constitute a mark of quality in relation to customers and business partners, as well as contributing to a general increase in interest in us and our business. The combination of clinically proven and marketed substances and innovative drug delivery will make it possible for us to take clinically proven and marketed medications to an entirely new level of utility. Quite simply, we will change the fundamental conditions for the treatment of severe, acute pain. Regardless of whether you are an investor or a patient, we hope that you will find it exciting to follow Klaria in the future.

Stockholm, October 2015
Scott Boyer