Klaria's aim is for all the products in the project portfolio to reach a point, as soon as possible, where it is possible to commence registration. In order to succeed with this, considerable demands are made, not only regarding the actual development work, but also in relation to manufacture, distribution and the further ­development of patent protection regarding the products.

The work in future will focus on initial, small-scale trials within both of these areas, where the purpose is to gradually reduce costs, as well as to improve and optimise as many parameters as possible before starting large-scale trials or manufacturing. This optimisation will be performed through mathematical modelling, an area where Klaria possesses considerable expertise. In addition, the organisation has solid expertise regarding applicable regulations, pharmaceutical development, physical and polymer chemistry, clinical studies, design and the transfer of technology.

Another fundamental aspect of Klaria's strategy is the close collaboration with subcontractors. Klaria will establish long-term relations with selected suppliers with regard to the provision of pharmaceutical substances, the implementation of clinical trials and for the manufacture and packaging of the end product.