Patents and intellectual property rights

The technology behind Klaria's drug delivery film is patented.

The patent (Swedish patent no. 0502900-4, designated the "Film patent") is owned by Uppsalagruppen Medical AB. The patent is exclusive and, for its entire remaining period of validity and without time limitations, licensed to the Company in respect of critical molecules within the therapeutic fields of migraine and cancer-related pain, opioid overdose, cannabinoids and anaphylactic shock. Klaria pays no royalties nor any form of milestone payments for the license, but will be responsible for costs related to upholding the patent. 

The application for the Film patent, the PCT application (PCT/SE2006/050626), was submitted in 2006. The subsequent national phase covers a total of 42 countries, including the EU. To date, the patent application has been approved in Sweden, the USA ("notice of allowance"), Canada, Mexico, China, India, Russia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa and Israel. The licence for the invention applies worldwide. The extent of the protection for the invention is regulated by the relevant patent that has been applied for and granted in each country. In those countries where the patent is approved, protection is obtained until 2026.

In addition to the Film patent, Klaria uitlizes an active patent strategy for each separate project aimed at protecting the specific combination of the active substance and the Company’s film technology.

Klaria anticipates that the company’s IP will provide the ­company’s products with the required intellectual property ­protection