Benefits of Klaria's concept

Medications and other substances that are distributed into the bloodstream through the oral mucous membrane are absorbed much more quickly (and thereby have a more rapid effect) than in the case of distribution by swallowing tablets or capsules. This also offers a more reliable and stable form of delivery than tablets and other delivery systems, such as nasal sprays and oral, self-dissolving tablets.


Fast and stable

As the medication is absorbed via the mucous membrane in the mouth, contact is also avoided with the metabolic enzymes in the lower gastro-intestinal tract and the liver, which otherwise reduce or entirely eliminate the effects of a considerable proportion of the medications that are delivered via oral tablets or capsules. For migraine patients, there is also the risk that the effects will be restricted or entirely lost if the migraine attack gives rise to vomiting before the substance has been absorbed into the blood. And even if the active substances are not vomited, the effect of the medications can be impaired as a result of the fact that activity in the gastro-intestinal tract is reduced during a migraine attack, delaying absorption in the intestines. Klaria's concept offers clear benefits in this respect.

Increased control

More rapid absorption provides not only faster pain relief, but also an increased sense of control for both the patient and for those who care for them.

Simple handling

Many patients with acute pain or other acute medical conditions experience difficulties taking medication that has to be swallowed or injected.  Klaria's film offers an alternative that requires minimal handling by the individual patient.

Combining the patented medication platform in the form of a film with tried and tested, safe and known substances provides considerable benefits for the patient.