Dividend policy

The size of any future dividends to 305547-klaria's shareholders is dependent on a number of factors, such as profits, financial position, cash flow and operating capital requirement. Dividends will only be paid to the shareholders when long-term profitability can be predicted.

No dividends are expected to be paid over the next few years, as available funds will be used for continued expansion. Decisions regarding dividends will be taken by the Annual General Meeting and payment will be handled by Euroclear. Individuals who are registered as shareholders in the share register kept by Euroclear on the closing day for dividends determined by the Annual General Meeting are entitled to receive dividends.

Dividends are normally paid as a cash sum per share, but can take a form other than cash, such as distribution in kind. If a shareholder cannot be contacted for the receipt of a dividend, the shareholder's claim on the Company remains and is only limited by general regulations regarding the statute of limitations. In the event the statute of limitations applies, the entire amount goes to the Company. 305547-klaria does not apply any restrictions or particular procedures in relation to cash dividends to shareholders living outside of Sweden. With the exception of any limitations relating to banking and clearing systems, payment is made in the same way as for shareholders living in Sweden. For shareholders whose fiscal domicile is not in Sweden, however, normal Swedish coupon tax applies.