Klaria and PharmaMar initiate collaboration with a one-year study to develop a clinical development candidate of a PharmaMar compound formulated in Klaria’s Alginate Film technology

Klaria Pharma Holding AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: KLAR) announces that the company has signed an agreement with the Spanish biopharmaceutical company Pharma Mar (MSE:PHM), with the aim of performing a feasibility study for the purpose of developing an Alginate Film formulation of a PharmaMar compound. In the event of a positive outcome for this formulation development, the parties intend to negotiate a license agreement which will grant PharmaMar the global rights to the product.

Klaria expanding collaboration based business model

This collaboration with PharmaMar is the third research and development collaboration that Klaria has entered into with a pharmaceutical company, the other two being Imbrium Therapeutics and FluiMed. In all three collaborations, Klaria conducts research and development with the goal of formulating the partner’s active substance in Klaria’s proprietary alginate films.  The fact that Klaria has now successfully entered into a third collaboration demonstrates that Klaria is able to attract pharmaceutical partners with its trans-mucosal technology platform.    Klaria’s CEO Jesper Wiklund highlights the importance to Klaria of this collaboration-based business model “Last year, Klaria announced the positive outcome of our Sumatriptan Alginate Film bioequivalence study.  With this announcement, we achieved clinical proof of concept with our technology.  Since then, we have been able to attract two new partners where we are working with their compounds in our technology platform.   These collaborations provide strong, third-party validation of our technology and they are  a way for Klaria to advance multiple programs towards the clinic and market while not relying on investor capital to fund this expansion of our pipeline.    

European collaboration with a marine connection
This is an European collaboration, as Klaria is based in the North of Europe and PharmaMar is based in the South of Europe. The partners are further connected in that both companies work with biotechnology and pharmaceutical development that originates in the sea. Klaria’s alginate films are produced from North Sea algae, while PharmaMar develops pharmaceuticals with active substances of marine origin.

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