Klaria announces patent approval in Europe of a new product patent covering Naloxone Alginate Film

Klaria announces that the company has received notice of approval for a completely new patent that will grant Naloxone Alginate Film market exclusivity in the EU until 2037.  The approval marks the second time the European Patent Office (EPO) has approved a compound/Alginate Film combination patent for a specific compound formulated in Klaria’s proprietary Alginate Film. The approval thus further validates Klaria’s patent strategy, which calls for filing of combination patents for all products under development.

Jesper Wiklund, CEO of Klaria, said:
“This approval gives us market exclusivity until 2037 in the EU for Naloxone Alginate Film.  Given the high market potential for co-prescription of Naloxone Alginate Film with opioid-based pharmaceuticals, securing such a long period of market exclusivity represents a meaningful increase in value of the program.”

The approval validates Klaria’s ability to successfully develop unique, patent-protected products that build on the base technology alginate film patents owned by Klaria. The company’s intellectual property strategy is not only reliant on the strength of the base technology patent, as it has been proven to be possible to extend the patent life of the individual products through compound/Alginate Film combination patents.

A granted patent at the EPO allows protection in the countries of the EU as well as several additional countries.  A total of 44 counties are included in the patent treaty with the EPO including all of Scandinavia, the UK, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the entire Balkan region, Turkey and much of North Africa.

Dr. Scott Boyer, CSO of Klaria, added:
“Today’s news validates our intellectual property strategy of filing compound/Alginate Film patents. Two weeks ago, we announced the approval by the USPTO of one of our combination patents. Now we are able to announce the successful approval by the EPO of a similar patent.  We are pleased to note the productivity of our approach and find ourselves well positioned to continue building a strong patent portfolio for Klaria based on our assets under development.”

About Naloxon Alginate Film (KL-00514)

KL-00514 is an alginate-based oral trans-mucosal film. KL-00514 is the first oral trans-mucosal opiate overdose product and is designed to be a significant improvement to all available acute nasal spray treatments available to patients today, particularly in the co-prescription market. KL-00514 is a unique molecular dispersion of naloxone. The KL-00514 film presents naloxone to the oral mucosal surface in a unique way to allow rapid, consistent absorption superior to that of present nasal spray-based products.  The base film-forming alginate and the naloxone-containing films have been the subject of comprehensive intellectual property protection, thus ensuring prolonged market exclusivity.

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