Klaria Interim Report

Klaria Pharma Holding AB Interim Report Q2 2020

Substantial progress in both of Klaria’s leading development projects


∞∞Net sales 0.1 MSEK (0.0 MSEK)

∞∞R&D costs for the period amounted to 4.3 MSEK (8.2 MSEK)

∞∞Profit after tax amounted to -7.9 MSEK (-9.3 MSEK)

∞∞Earnings per share for the quarter amounted to -0.26 SEK (-0.30 SEK)

∞∞Cash flow from operating activities amounted to -4.3 MSEK (-5.0 MSEK)

∞∞Cash and cash equivalents on the balance day amounted to 14.4 MSEK (8.3 MSEK)

∞∞Shareholder’s equity per June 30, 2019 amounted to 84.7 MSEK (108.9 MSEK)

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