Klaria Interim Report Q1 2020

Klaria Interim Report Q1 2020

Summary of the period

Strengthened financial position with 6.4 MSEK from EU Horizon 2020 and a merger with Karessa that added 13 MSEK in liqudity 


∞ Net sales amounted to 0.0 MSEK (3.8 MSEK)

∞ R&D costs for the period amounted to 8.0 MSEK (4.8 MSEK)

∞ Profit after tax amounted to -11.0 MSEK (-2.1 MSEK)

∞ Earnings per share for the quarter amounted to -0.36 SEK (-0.07 SEK)

∞ Cash flow from operating activities amounted to 0.4 MSEK (0.8 MSEK)

∞ Total cash flow amounted to 13.5 MSEK (0.8 MSEK)∞ Cash and cash equivalents on the balance day amounted to 16.4 MSEK (8.7 MSEK)∞ Shareholder’s equity per March 31, amounted to 99.5 MSEK (92.6 MSEK)∞ On February 24, 2020, the merger between Karessa Pharma Holding AB (publ) and Klaria Pharma Holding AB (publ), that received approval at extraordinary general meetings in the two companies, was completed.The merger was registered at Bolagsverket as of March 6, 2020, and Karessa is thereby dissolved. The terms for the merger was that one share in Karessa was exchanged for 0,6032 new shares in Klaria.In connection with the merger, 6,035,200 new shares in Klaria were issued to Karessa’s shareholders.  After the merger has been completed, the number of shares in Klaria amounts to 38,728,448.

∞ Klaria receives milestone payment of 6.4 MSEK from the EU Horizon 2020 program to take Sumatriptan Alginate film to market.

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