Bulletin from the annual general meeting in Klaria Pharma Holding AB (publ)

Today, the annual general meeting of 2021 was held in Klaria Pharma Holding AB (publ). Below follows a summary of the resolutions passed at the annual general meeting (all in accordance with the proposals presented in the notice to attend the meeting kept available at the company’s website www.klaria.com).

  • It was resolved to adopt the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet and the group profit and loss statement and the group balance sheet for the financial year 2020.

  • It was resolved that the company’s available funds shall be carried forward in new account.
  • It was unanimously resolved to discharge the board of directors’ and the CEO from liability for their management of the company’s business during the financial year 2020.
  • It was resolved to re-elect Anders Ardstål, Scott Boyer and Fredrik Hübinette as board members. Fredrik Hübinette was re-elected as chairman of the board.   
  • It was resolved to re-elect the accounting firm BDO Mälardalen AB as auditor with Niclas Nordström as auditor-in-charge.
  • The fees payable to the members of the board of directors were determined to SEK 200,000 per board member not employed by the company. Scott Boyer and Fredrik Hübinette are employed by the company, entailing that fees will only be paid to Anders Ardstål. It was resolved that the company’s auditor shall be paid in accordance with approved invoices.
  • It was resolved to authorise the board of directors to increase the share capital through issuance of new shares, warrants and/or convertible debentures through which the company’s share capital may be increased by an amount corresponding to 20 per cent of the share capital and number of shares in the company as of on the date the board of directors make use of the authorisation.
  • It was resolved that the chairman of the board shall annually during the third quarter of the fiscal year convene a nomination committee consisting of a representative each of at least two (2) of the company’s largest shareholders as per 31 August and the largest shareholder which is independent of the aforementioned largest shareholders.
  • It was resolved to change the articles of association regarding the prerequisites for participating in shareholders’ meetings as the right to participate at the general meeting is regulated by the Swedish Companies Act (2005: 551) and therefore does not need to be part of the articles of association.

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